Generic Thief downloads


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Name Description Size n.
GarrettLoader This tool is needed if you want to play Thief 3-2-1 fan missions. Once installed, you have to set the path for the games exe and the fan missions folder (I suggest to make different folders for any kind of fan mission, like Thief1, ThiefGold, Thief 2, Thief 3 and place them in a different partition than C:\ so that they won't be deleted if you have to reinstall the operating system) - WARNING: it has compatibilty issues with Windows 10!
Thief 3 Editor - Last release The last official release of the Thief 3 Editor.
Thief3Launcher A simple application made to start the Thief 3 Editor and to switch the registers from the editor to the original game and vice versa (after having used the editor you must use this in order to play the original game otherwise it will crash).
Komag's beginners tutorial This tutorial is for anyone who wants to approach to the world of editing on Thief: Deadly Shadows, from the simple drawing of a room to a complete making of a missions. It lacks on how to create objects or NPCs in 3DS Max though. Mandatory.
DXIW Sound Drone v1.0 BETA This program is fundamental for someone who wants to work in Thief 3 mods, because it extracts WAV audio files from the CSCs of the game, makes preview of any music/sfx/speech of the game and show what word are said during a sentence of the game. Mandatory for those searching the original ambient sounds names to add to their zone portals.
CSC Specs Download this PDF if you are editing a Thief: Deadly Shadows MOD and you want to mess with the CSC files, trying to understand how they works in the game. (good luck!) ) - WARNING: very, very technical!
Foobar2000 v1.3.14 Quickly transforms in a chain process multiple audio files from a format to another one (i.e. from .WAV to .OGG, both needed by the Thief 3 Editor to create new sounds). It's alot faster than Audacity and it requires less resource, although this last one is more convenient when you are working with few files.
Photoshop Plugins The plugins needed to handle the DDS format images, both in x86 and x64 format. They work with Photoshop CS4, CS5, CS6, CC, CC 2016 and CC2017. I suggest a free program like IrfanView to just see DDS files. I have to admit that opening Photoshop any time just too see them could be unproductive because of the slowness of the program in starting.
DDS Viewer An useful utility for those who don't have Windows 10. This plugin turns explorer able to show also the preview of the DDS images (not between the default ones until 10).
SMImport This DOS tool developed by Shadowspawn is required if you want to reuse the original .TIM objects (Static Meshes) of the games, after a little adjust in 3DS Max (required to export in .TIM format then). It can be used also to discover what developer has made a particular object, by opening the .E file after the conversion from .TIM to .E.
Thief Fonts The most classical fonts used in Thief: Deadly Shadows in .TTF format for Windows.
Thief 3 broken CD/DVD This patch has to be used when you have installed Thief: Deadly Shadows from a CD-set/DVD and the game asks for those memory support but they are damaged.
Thief Screensaver The official Thief: Deadly Shadows screensaver flash-based for Windows (run the installation as administrator on Windows 10; it's also false-positive to the Smart Screen and Windows Defender scans, just report the file as safe).