Thief custom objects



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Preview Image YouTube Video Type Of File Size Owner n. Price Date
Climbable wellsTwo different kind of wells and a rope with which Garrett can climb, fleeing from enemies, hiding or going to another part of the map beneath the well.
Enhanced SkyboxA beautiful realistic moon with some brighting stars
Enhanced Skybox LibraryThe library needed by the Enhanced Skybox package.
Factory brick windowFactory brick window
Factory Matlib v.1Material Library for factory environments.
geniwallshelfjailA simple wall shelf for the prisoners.
genpilloryA pillory for torture scenes. With junctions for adding it to a movable archetype.
gentorturetableA bloodstained torture table with chains.
Hammer symbolA Hammerite icon.
Lionhead fountainLionhead fountain.
Electric meterElectric meter.
genpipeA pipe.
genwagonWestern-like cartwheel.
Golden maskGolden mask for loot.
Mechanist combat robots v.2Mechanist combat robots version 2.
Mechanist robots matlibMaterial library for the Mechanist robots.
Metallic barA metallic bar.
Middle beam in_wood (14 uu)Middle beam in_wood (14 unreal units).
Multicolor maskMulticolor mask.
natsmflowerbedA circular flowerbed for trees and bushes.
Pebble_01Beautiful made rock. It was one of my fist objects, so it had too many polygons, it has yet to be optimized. You can give it a try just to see it.
Simple little tubeSimple little tube.
stmiguttersys1x2capGutters... they missed in Thief: Deadly Shadows.
STMJAILdoorA fully functional door for a jail environment.
stmjailgrate16x11Large jail grate.
STMJAILgrate9x11Small jail grate
laque for wiresA simple junction plaque for the TDS electric wires.
Prison gateA dark prison gate, Thief 1/G/2 style.
New material librariesNew material libraries:
Real glass - AIs can see through itThief: Deadly Shadows doesn't have glass surfaces with which the AIs can see through, these ones get rid of the problem. Once you've ordered it you'll get in the package the instructions to bind the static meshes to an archetype and make it a real glass.
GENiWALLhooksB3Wall hooks for kitchen tools.
GENihandbrushBA handbrush.
GEN_nailsSimple nails.
GEN_anvilAnvil for blacksmith.
Blacksmith work toolsWork tools for a blacksmith or cartwheels repairman:

- nipper
- tongs
- hammer
- screwdriver
GEN_worktableGeneral worktable.
CoalHeap of coal. In order to use it you must have the T3_STM2 material library.
T3_STM2T3_STM2 material library. Requested for the coal static mesh, the turbine generator and the screwdriver.